Why EcoGarden® Organic Pesticide

The Benefits of EcoGarden® Organic Pesticide

  • Manage pests: Multiple modes of action help manage insect-pests during various stages of growth, prevents resistance build up, pest resurgence and help managing resistant pest.
  • Increased protection: Broad spectrum activity: greater bio-efficacy against foliar sucking and defoliating insect-pest complex, mites, and soil-borne insect-pests & nematodes.
  • Translaminar: effective on sucking/substrate feeding insects.
  • Systemic: can be used in drenching, hydroponic, recirculatory system.
  • Organic: OMRI listed for Organic gardening & Ideal fit for 1PM & IRM program.
  • Synergist: Increases the bio-efficacy of tank mix partners.
  • Compatible: excellent tank-mix partner for new/old chemistry molecules/microbial.
  • Safety-First: Safe to pollinators including honeybees, parasites, predators, earthworms and soil microbes.
  • Safe for Earth, Humans and Animals: Safe to the environment, human, and pets.

EcoGarden® Pesticide Versus Other Azadirachtin based Pesticide Brands

EcoGarden® Organic Pesticide uses a patented process to extract a purer form of Azadirachtin, the main compound in the product. This makes EcoGarden® superior to all other organic pesticide products on the market.

EcoGarden® Organic Pesticide

  • Manufactured from purest Azadirachtin technical of highest concentration in the world.
  • Higher limonoid content: 2.8%.
  • Best in class bio-efficacy: 20% more than competition.
  • No Neem Oil: No phytotoxicity.
  • Aflatoxin content lesser than 60 ppb.
  • Sticking and spreading properties.
  • 2 years shelf life & UV stability.
  • Does not freeze during cold weather.

Other Pesticide Brands

  • Manufactured from Azadirachtin Technical of lower concentration and lesser purity.
  • Non-quantifiable limonoid content.
  • Poor efficacy.
  • May contain Neem Oil, which is phytotoxic.
  • High levels of aflatoxins.
  • Not available.
  • Under 2 years shelf life; no info on UV stability.
  • May/may not freeze during cold weather.